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Personalised Nutrition

Nutrition is the combined ingestion, digestion, absorption and metabolism of food accompanied by the distribution of the macro- and micro-nutrients into the various tissues in the body. Our nutrition determines the nutrients that we consume and the nourishment we get from them. The nutrients determine how well our bodies will function. The better the nutrients, the better the body. I can provide nutritional advise and support personally tailored to fit your lifestyle. 

Customised Recipes

A selection of customised recipe ideas will be provided to give you a start and to show you what you can do while still enjoying the food that you like. These will show macronutrient breakdown, calories and proposed timing of meals

*Pre- and post-workout

The pre-plan is designed to set you up for periodised training sessions to improve performance. The post-plan is designed  for optimal recovery and to prepare you for the next training sessions.