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Personalised Coaching

In-person and online training plans tailored to your event, your needs, your lifestyle. Choose from one of the plans below.

Performance based Strategy

Science-based progressive strength and endurance development that maximises physiological adaptations and metabolic potential. You will learn to race harder and faster despite training less and slower.

Partner Benefits

As a team member you will avail of a range of services and discounts from our partners.

Team interaction

Training plan members can avail of the app group and Strava Club for contact and arranging of group open-water swimming sessions, bike rides and general enquiries. Science-based nutritional and training advice is also shared here.


Discounts are available when you pay for 6 months or 12 months. Student discount on presenting a valid student ID.

Personal Consultation 

Support available in other areas of you training to optimise your potential

Retül bike fitting

Optimise your position to maximise comfort, strength and power output. A proper fitting will also reduce the risk of lower back pain,  shoulder and neck strain and numbness in the hand. Contact me for more information.


Available on Consultation packages for Triathlon Plan athletes

Training Programs

Try-a-Tri Program

Sprint or Olympic distance

16-week Training program made up of Base, Build, Peak and Taper

Advice on how to use the program

Train on your own time


€120 / plan

Try-A-Run Program

16-week Training program to get you to the finish of your first 5k

Advice on how to use the program

Train on your own time


€ 80 / plan